Participating Ice Hockey Teams and Hosting Cities

Each year’s IIHF championships are received with a lot of anticipation from the fans to the participants. As the 2019 season was coming to an end, the 2020 season announcements were already making their way to the public.

Participating Teams

In the 2020 Ice Hockey World Championships Group A Division I games will see Korea, France, Austria, Romania, and Hungary battling for significant positions. Each team hopes to secure the promotion of the group games. Division I, Group B games will take place in Katowice in the Spodek Historical Arena. This is where the Group A 2016 games took place in 2016, and over 8500 fans found their way to the venue.

The Chizhovka Arena is already getting test runs with Belarusian organizers to prepare it for hosting 2021 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships alongside Riga. Fifty-four men’s teams will participate in the 2020 championships plus 40 women’s teams. The year might be quite significant for the IIHF games since some bylaws and statutes are in line for adjustments plus an introduction of Division IV for the men’s sports.

Hosting Locations

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships 2020 edition was directed to take place in Switzerland in Zurich and Lausanne. The Junior Championships will take place in Ostrava and Trinec in the Czech Republic, and Canada gets to host Women’s World Championship in Truro and Halifax.

The U18 World Championship hosting privilege was granted to the USA. This will be outside of Detroit in Plymouth at the 3,800-seater Hockey Arena. The venue is in line with the men’s games.

Slovenia gets to host the 2020 IIHF Division I Group A games. The arena in Ljubljana will be the hosting, and it can house up to 10,500 fans. Romania had wished to host these games as well, but it later withdrew its bid since the construction at their Bucharest arena came to a standstill, and no definite news was out on when it would resume.