The Favorites to Clinch the 2021 IIHF World Championship

Rivalries will be renewed in 2021 when the Ice Hockey World Championships heads off to Belarus and Latvia. The wait seems somewhat longer given the 2020 edition was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Bettors and fanatics alike can’t wait to witness epic duels between hockey powerhouses. But who will prevail? Read on as we detail the strongest teams that are worth betting on.


You can barely talk about the IIHF championships without mentioning “The Ruskies.” To say that Russia is a good team is an understatement, they are stupendous. With 27 championships under their name, they are a force to reckon with in any tournament. The only lowdown is their poor form over the past few years. They haven’t won the IIHF series since 2014. However, 2021 could be their year.


The 2019 finals was a dagger to the hearts of Canadians and punters. They were expected to steamroll Finland but ended up losing. Many gamblers were shocked at the final whistle. With that said, Canada is a top team, and the previous failings have long been forgotten. They have been winners 26 times, and their recent triumphs were in 2015 and 2016. Although they face formidable foes, they still have the capability of winning the 2021 title.


The ice-cold Finns are the current defending champions. The 2019 edition held in Slovakia will forever be etched into the souls of Finland’s fanatics. Fielding 18 debutants, they were outsiders by a large margin. No one, even top gamblers, saw this coming. Yet, they outdid Canada in the final and lost only two games in the entire tournament. You can’t write them off. Besides, bookies are likely to overlook them again and offer enticing odds.


Over the past decades, the Swedes have emerged as a great hockey team in the IIHF. They were gutted to miss the previous final but will be eagerly anticipating the next.