Teams Most Likely to Win the 2020 Ice Hockey World Championship

The Ice Hockey World Championship ended with an excellent win for Finland in 2019, being the third time the team took home gold. The top three teams most likely to get to the finals are Finland, probably for being last season’s championship, and then Canada and Russia have been the people’s favorites.

Teams Most Likely to Win

Just like any other year’s competitions, a lot of people will have to keenly follow the news to get a glimpse of what is going down at the league’s games aside from these prospects. Finland might still win the cup again, but many other speculations point towards Russia and Canada. In any case, these two teams are the most represented when it comes to historical wins.

Russia is particularly hoping that they will win the cup once more since their last Ice Hockey win was in 2014. Looking at many betting predictions, you will find Canada and Russia having a head to head kind of competition with average odds of 5/2.

Possibility of Canada Winning

The last title came to Canada in 2016, which was a consecutive win from 2015. After 2016, Sweden and Finland took home gold alternatively. Some bookies may show some hope for Sweden as well though last season’s performance may nullify their predictions.

However, it is essential to note that there is always room for surprise wins. Just because Russia and Canada are currently dominating at the top does not mean they do not have stiff competition from other teams. A team like the USA has a bright prospect of making a comeback as well. However, the team is a bit volatile, and predictions can be hit with massive disappointments. 2018 was not such a bad year for the USA team, thus their tie position with Finland on probable wins.